Experts in private label

Put your brand in our hands

You will find our private label products in retail and (wholesale) food service outlets.  We process vegetables and salads (from specified numbers) in the manner you like them. Our stock consists of extremely diverse products. Depending on the customer’s wishes, we pack our fresh products in different sizes of plastic, glass or tin containers. The choice is yours!

Creating what was never there before


Through our private label programme we supply our products with your brand name. These products are prepared entirely according to your requirements, naturally in accordance with the options available. Hence we transform your idea into a tasty and saleable product.

A product supplied under your own brand name enables you to stand out from the competition and gives your organisation a face of its own.

Our expertise, combined with your idea, create wonderful products.

The choice is yours


By merging your idea with our experience, delicious products are created. We work with you to determine what flavours we can contribute to your product.

Your product is packed according to your wishes. You can choose from plastic, glass or tin. Naturally this comes with a completely personalised label.



The screw-top makes plastic package easy to reseal. Because of this, PP packaging is extremely practical. The advantages of a plastic container are that it weighs very little, is flexible and can handle hard knocks. For safety reasons, plastic packaging is used more and more frequently in professional kitchens (no shards or splinters).

Like plastic containers, glass jars can be closed again very easily. Glass jars are often used for retail sales. Do you have any particular wishes or requirements? Ask about the options.

We pack our products in 5 or 10 litre tins upon request.